Trash & Recycling

Curbside Trash and Recycling Program

General Information:

The Town of Pembroke implemented curbside, single stream recycling in July of 2011. Each residence in the town was issued a sixty-four (64) gallon, custom toter with a unique serial number. This number is located on the toter and on each resident’s municipal user’s fee bill, mailed to them each July and January. This initiative was funded through a grant received by the Town with the balance paid for by the Town.

Important Information:

  • Trash Bill for Fiscal Year 2023 - $350.00 for full year            $175.00 due by August 1, 2022 $175.00 due by February 1, 2023.
  • All trash and recycling toters are the property of the Town and must remain at the property to which they were delivered.
  • Lids on carts must be fully closed for collection to prevent littering in your neighborhood.
  • If you need an additional toter, please contact the Collector’s Office at 781-293-2671 to make arrangements (an additional fee will apply) Cash or Check only.
  • For missed pick-ups, please call EZ Disposal at 781-233-2211