Maps of Pembroke Hiking Trails

A Walk Through Open Space
Willowbrook Farm
Willowbrook Farm

The Town of Pembroke has many opportunities for hiking, running and walking in beautiful areas. The natural beauty of each area is a pleasure to behold.

The ten trails listed below are open to the public for passive recreational purposes. You are asked to respect private property lines, leaving no trace of your passage; please remove all items that you carry in and never litter.

For safety, consider bringing water and a cell phone for contact in an emergency. In an emergency, please contact 911 for immediate assistance.

The map on this page shows the parking area at each trail's entrance and the links listed below will open a map of the trail. Have a wonderful time!

Click on the map below for Google Maps of each trail's parking area.

Google Trail Entrance Map

Select the trail listed below for a map to follow:

Bay Circuit Trail Map

Bicentennial Trail Map

Canoe Club Preserve Trail Map

Hobomock Trail Map

Misty Meadows Conservation Area Trail Description

Pembroke High School Trail Map

Shepherd's Forest Trail Map

Tubb's Meadow Trail Map

Tucker Preserve Trail Map

Veteran's Commemorative Forest Trail Map

Willow Brook Farm Trail Map