MassDEP Role

Although MassDEP does not regulate private wells, MassDEP Drinking Water Program (DWP) provides assistance to owners of private wells by providing guidance on issues related to private wells, including what to do during floods.

Guidance on private wells is available at: and recommendations for private wells inundated by flooding is available at: 

The MassDEP DWP has provided outreach to public water systems and local Boards of Public Health through the Health and Homeland Alert Network (HHAN). The MassDEP DWP provided links to the above reference guidance documents. Additionally, the MassDEP DWP also provided links to the guidance via the PDirector email, which contacts PWSs throughout the state electronically. It is likely that private well owners will contact local BOHs or public water systems for guidance during this emergency. MassDEP’s Public Affairs Office is also preparing a fact sheet for the press about private wells.