Pembroke Drug Prevention Coalition

The Pembroke Drug Prevention Coalition and it's fundraising partner Pembroke Titans Against Drugs (PTAD) share a vision of a drug free community for the town of Pembroke; their primary mission being to help prevent substance abuse in the community while supporting families impacted by addiction. A central focus within this vision and mission will be to procure whatever is needed to create programs for the youth of Pembroke to understand the risks and dangers of all types of substance abuse and to establish positive relationships with leaders in our community.

The initial three primary goals for this committee include the following:

To provide formal education for all local youth of the risks, dangers and susceptibility of substance abuse.
To influence the procurement of healthy decisions, healthy lifestyles, & healthy relationships, confidence, and individuality for community youth.
To provide direction for families seeking help in dealing with the stressors & challenges due to addicted loved ones.

The Pembroke Drug Prevention Coalition and Pembroke Titans Against Drugs meet monthly at the Pembroke Public Library.

Board Members

Mike Cogburn
Allison Kelly
Gina Boutwell
Hank Galligan
Stephen P Kirby
Erin Sullivan Obey
Donna Bagni
Joanne Earner