Removal of Deceased Animals

Removal of deceased animals:

If your pet has died please contact your veterinarian to make appropriate arrangements.

If you find a deceased dog or cat on your property that does not belong to your family pelase call the Animal Control Office for identification and removal.

The Animal Control Officer removes deceased wildlife from public ways only when it is creating a traffic hazard or involved in a situation that is dangerous to human safety. Please understand that the office must prioritize calls for service and may not be able to address all deceased animal calls.

The Animal Control Officer does not remove deceased wildlife from private property.

Removal of wildlife:

If you are having a conflict with wildlife on your property you may speak with animal control for advice. If the suggestions you receive do not resolve the situation then it may be necessary to hire, at your own expense, a wildlife removal company that is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

If you encounter sick or injured wildlife please contact the Animal Control Office or the Animal Rescue League of Boston for assistance.