Licenses & Permits


AVAILABLE IN THE TOWN MANAGER’S OFFICE            100 Center Street, Room #10  or  781-293-3844

  • Precious Metals License
  • Use of the Town's Roads Permit - One Day (with approval of Police and Fire Chiefs)
  • Live Event on Town Property Permit – One Day (with approval of regulatory board)
  • Road Closure Permit (with approval of Police and Fire Chiefs)
  • Fishing and Boating Access Permit (with Conservation Commission and Town Landing Committee)
  • Ice Cream Vendor Permit (with prior approval of Police Chief)

Active Door-to-Door Solicitation Permits:

Trinity Solar - Issued on September 14, 2022, Monday through Saturday from 10:00am to dusk. Expires: December 14, 2022

Prior Door to Door Solication Permits Issued by the Select Board

Click here to register for the No Solicitation List. 

This list is a "no knock" list and will prevent Door-to-Door Solicitation Permit holders from approaching your home. In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 101 and the By-laws of the Town of Pembroke, Article XX, Section 9.0, Section I. "No Solicitation" list:

"Any person, firm or corporation who is the owner or lawful tenant or occupant of any private residence within the Town of Pembroke may prohibit the practice of going in or upon the private residence of such owner or occupant, by uninvited solicitors or canvassers, as defined in Article XX, Section 9.0, sub-section I, in two different ways:

   1. By placing a sign upon its property which reads "No Solicitation" in a location which is reasonably visible to persons who intend to enter upon such residential property.

   2. By filing a "No Solicitation Permit Form" at the office of the (Town Manager), on a form furnished by the Town (Manager) for such purpose. The form shall be completed by the property owner or occupant, and it shall contain the following information:

               (1) Name of the person filing the form and capacity to sign, e.g., owner, tenant, occupant.

               (2) Residential address(es) for which the "no solicitation" restriction shall apply.

A resident of the Town of Pembroke may mail said form to the Town Hall, fill it out at the Town Hall or request inclusion on the "no solicitation" list by telephone call to the (Town Manager’s) Office. In the case of telephone request, the office shall verify that the person calling resides at the address identified by making a return telephone call to the telephone number provided for said residence. All residences requesting inclusion on the "no solicitation" list shall be placed on said list by the (Town Manager's) staff. The Police Chief shall receive an updated list with each permit approved by the (Select Board) and shall supply every applicant for a certificate of permit with a copy of said list."