Snow & Ice

Snow and Ice Removal from winter storms is a 24 hour operation of the Highway Division with assistance from Water, Cemetery/Tree Divisions and hired outside plow contractors.

Winter Notice:

An urgent request from the Pembroke DPW: Residents are reminded to immediately remove all basketball hoops from within the town layout (ie: the side of the road) for the winter to avoid plow and property damage during the winter plowing and sanding season.

Snow Removal Regulations for 2018-2019

The Pembroke D.P.W. provides Town residents Salted Sand which is available outside the gate at the Town Shed, 387 Mattakeesett Street for emergency use this winter. Please limit yourself to (3) five gallon buckets per trip. 

When snow is forecast, residents are asked to keep all parked vehicles off streets that are plowed by the Town to expedite snow plowing and sanding operations. Vehicles obstructing sanding and plowing operations will be towed at owner’s expense.

No one other than a town employee or contractor hired by the Town may shovel, snow-blow or plow ice or snow onto a roadway in such a way that it impedes traffic. In accordance with Town By-Law Article XX - Police Regulations, Section 17 - Interference with Streets and Way

SECTION 17 – Interference with Streets and Ways

No person shall throw, rake, blow or place leaves sticks, grass, or dirt onto any street or way. No person shall plow, shovel, or blow snow or any other matter onto any street or way where it may create a hazardous traffic condition. A violation of this by-law may be enforced pursuant to the noncriminal disposition process set forth in G.L. c. 40, § 21D and subject to the penalties set forth in Section XXVIII of these By-laws. Alternatively, this by-law may be enforced pursuant to G. L. c. 40 §, 31 and upon written notice by an enforcing officer, the offender shall remove the leaves, debris, snow or other matter that they have caused to be placed in the street. Upon failure of the offender to comply with the notice to remove, the Town may remove the leaves, debris, snow or other matter placed in the street or way and recover expense of such removal from the offender.

Violation of Town By-law Article XX, Section 17

  • First Offense: one hundred dollars ($100.00)
  • Second Offense: two hundred dollars ($200.00)
  • All Subsequent Offenses: three hundred dollars ($300.00)

Each day on which the offense occurs shall constitute a separate offense. No one item may exceed $300 in fines and a standard court complaint will be filed at the point the ticketing abilities have expired. Assessed fines under this article are payable to the Town Clerk and are to be deposited in the general fund.(amended Art. 15- ATM 4/27/04)

The Town is not responsible for damaged mailboxes, driveway aprons, walkways, stonewalls, grassed areas, sprinkler heads, sprinkler systems, shrubs, trees, fences, planters or barrels within the Town Layout.

In case of emergency call the Town Shed At 781-293-6000.

Gene Fulmine Jr., Director
For the Commissioners


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