Highway Department

Working Foreman Joe Daiute

Highway Division

The Highway Division has 9 full time employees and is responsible for maintaining 115 miles of accepted roads and limited maintenance of 15 miles of unaccepted roads in accordance with state laws.  The services provided by the highway division are

  • Emergency and routine repairing to streets and sidewalks
  • Responding to pothole defects
  • Maintenance of the stormwater system which consists of street sweeping, catch basin cleaning and repairing
  • Street sign installations in accordance to the MUTCD
  • Road painting
  • Snow and Ice removal 

Tree Division

Trimming of trees and roadside brush with in the town layout to ensure the safety of all traveling on public roadways.

Performs inspections upon requests of trees within the town layout.  Removal of dead, damage or diseased trees will be done by the staff or out sources if needed.

Tree removal from roadway during high winds storms, blizzards and Hurricanes.  Contact DPW office during regular business hours or police department at all other time if roadway is blocked. If tree is in downed wires contact the Fire Department at 781-293-2300

National Grid has notified the town of a multiyear plan to inspect trees on private and town land that put power grid at risk of outages.

Click here to read the letter from National Grid.

Old Colony Planning Council Joint Transportation Committee: Eugene Fulmine, Jr.