Pay Current Bills Online - City Hall Systems

The Town of Pembroke uses City Hall Systems to provide online payment service for residents to pay the following bills:

  • Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
  • Personal Property Tax
  • Real Estate Tax
  • Trash/Municipal Solid Waste Bill
  • Water Bills 

Please note is NOT affiliated with the Town of Pembroke. All residents and taxpayers are hereby advised that the bill paying services provided by are not endorsed by the Town, nor can the Town accept responsibility for transactions conducted through While this service lists contact information for the Town of Pembroke, the Town has no contract or affiliation with this company. Please use the link shown above to pay bills with the Town through our bill processor City Hall Systems.

Fiscal Year 2024 Real Estate Tax Bill Information

1st QuarterDue by August 1, 2023Preliminary Bill (estimated bill based on appx. 50% of prior tax year)
2nd QuarterDue by November 1, 2023Preliminary Bill
3rd QuarterDue by February 1, 2024Actual Bill (assessed value & tax rate set)
4th QuarterDue by May 1, 2024Actual Bill

Please contact the Collector's Office at 781-293-2671 with any questions.