Pay Bills

Pembroke residents can now pay the following bills online:

  • Motor Vehicle Excise
  • Personal Property
  • Real Estate
  • Trash Fee 
  • Water Bills 

Please have a check (not a deposit slip) in hand with your bank information (routing number, etc.) and your email address. The email address allows you to receive email payment verification. Complete each screen to process your payment! Pay bills at your convenience. It is easy, fast, free, and secure.

Pay Bills Here

For questions, call the Collector's Office 781-293-2671 

Bills are Mailed for Fiscal Year 2018

Preliminary billing (Estimated bill based on approximately 50% of previous tax year) 
              First Quarter due by August 1, 2017
              Second Quarter due by November 1, 2017

Actual billing  (Assessed Value and Tax Rate Set)
               Third Quarter due by February 1, 2018
               Fourth Quarter due by May 1, 2018