Plymouth County Advisory Board

Plymouth County Advisory Board - Plymouth County, MA

The Plymouth County budget is prepared by the County Commissioners in cooperation with their Department heads, for submittal and approval by the Plymouth County Advisory Board on County Expenditures, which has a representative from each of the 27 communities that comprise Plymouth County.

The Advisory Board is made up with a representative of each municipality's Board of Selectmen, Town Council or in the case of Brockton the Mayor or a City Councilor as designated by The Mayor.

By law, each municipality is allotted a weighted vote based upon its percentage of the total equalized valuation of all of the municipalities within the County. It should also be noted that the Advisory Board serves in more than just an Advisory capacity. It has the power to increase, decrease, alter and revise any budget submitted to it by the County Commissioners.

The Advisory Board also has an Executive Board whose members are:

Ellen Allen, Chairperson, Board of Selectmen, Norwell
Matt McDonough, Vice-Chair, Board of Selectmen, Marshfield
Troy Garron, Board of Selectmen, Halifax
Nancy Maloney, Board of Selectmen, West Bridgewater
Alan Slavin, Board of Selectmen, Wareham

Pembroke's Representative