Herring Fisheries Commission

Mission Statement

In 1717, Isaac Barker and Ephraim Nichols were empowered to hire a man or men to join the neighboring Indians to clear the herring brook, and to prosecute anyone that was obstructing the waterway from the alewife migration. From that time to the present, the Town of Pembroke has hired or elected committees and commissions to assist in the regulation of the fishery. Currently the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries has full authority and sets all rules and regulations about alewife and a number of other species. In 1782, there was evidence of restocking alewife each year to bring the fish back to what they were 300 years ago. Today, our mission is to keep the rivers, streams, brooks and ponds clear of debris for the safe passage of the alewife herring fishery. We work to educate the public about keeping cleaner ponds, streams and rivers and the migration of our fish. We respect landowner’s rights by notifying them of our proposed duties well in advance of our undertakings.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Mark Amorello Herring Superintendent

Board Members

Mark Amorello
Willard J. Boulter, Jr.
Art Egerton
Janet Fahey
Walter Hawkes
Richard Madden
Kyle Stenstrom
Matthew Queenan
Vacancy One