Open Space Committee

The purpose of the Pembroke Open Space Committee, as a subcommittee of the Pembroke Conservation Commission, is primarily to assist and provide support to the town regarding issues relevant to open space protection, stewardship and use. The committee evaluates opportunities for the acquisition and protection of open space parcels against a number of criteria, including whether the town’s acquisition of the parcel would help preserve Pembroke’s character; protect Pembroke’s water resources; abut or conjoin existing conservation lands; provide public access for walking, biking or other passive recreation; preserve or enhance distinctive streetscapes, views or vistas; or preserve important wildlife and/or vegetation habitat. In order to achieve these goals, the committee partners with residents, local officials, state and federal agencies, and private nonprofit land conservation organizations. The committee also prepares and updates the town's open space plan, which allows the town to qualify for funding opportunities it otherwise would not. Members are involved with open space related educational programming; volunteer maintenance of trails - including periodic mowing, removal of trees and brush, and other maintenance as needed; and the general care of town-owned open space and conservation lands for the purposes of protection and recreation.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Melissa Joyce 781-293-4674


Michael McDonough


Robert Clarke, Jr.


Denise Moraski


Tracy Marino


Ronald Boidi

Conservation Commission Liaison

Debbie Schneider


Julie Slys