South Shore Recycling Co-operative

Pembroke Joins the South Shore Recycling Cooperative

Town Manager Ed Thorne signed an Intermunicipal Agreement with the SSRC, citing the opportunity to expand Pembroke residents’ access to the SSRC’s household hazardous waste collections, and to reap the many other benefits of membership.  At its June 25 Board meeting, the South Shore Recycling Cooperative (SSRC) voted to accept Pembroke as its sixteenth Member Town. With rising costs and fewer options, these are challenging times for municipal solid waste, hazardous waste and recycling management. Joining with other area towns and accessing its dedicated staff’s expertise will help Pembroke better handle the increasingly difficult task of managing its residents’ discards. Membership also qualifies Pembroke for additional grant funding through MassDEP. Pembroke residents will be able to attend any of the six SSRC household hazardous waste collections from Sept. 7 through Nov. 16. Founded in 1998, the SSRC helps Member Towns optimize their recycling programs, reduce the quantity, toxicity & cost of disposal, and advocates for policies and laws that help municipalities put waste to its highest use at the lowest cost.  Pembroke was one of its founding members, but had withdrawn in the early 2000s.  The SSRC is pleased to welcome Pembroke back. For more information about the South Shore Recycling Cooperative, hazardous waste collection, how to reduce waste and recycle right, visit