Traffic Light @ Route 53 & Pleasant Street


The town has received notification from MassDOT that work is estimated to begin on October 27, 2018 on this roadway reconstruction with traffic signals project; hours of operation will be from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm weekdays. The contractor will have to maintain alternating traffic in one direction at all times, with a lane restriction in the work zone area.

MassDOT Highway Division held a Design Public Hearing in September of 2015.

The proposed project received final funding and the project was put out to bid in the spring of 2018. MassDOT awarded a contract to P.A. Landers, Inc. to begin the project in the fall of 2018.

The project consists of improvements at the intersection of Washington Street (Route 53) and Pleasant Street including the installation of a traffic control signal and the addition of turning lanes to each of the intersection approaches with the goal of improving traffic flow and safety for all roadway users. The traffic signal will reduce the conflicts between major street and side street traffic flows particularly during peak hours thus increasing safety and reducing delay times at the intersection. The widening to accommodate the additional turning lanes will require the installation of a retaining wall on the eastern side of Washington Street between Pleasant Street and Water Street as well as right-of-way taking south of Pleasant Street.

Following MassDOT's healthy transportation initiative, this project also includes the addition of a usable shoulder to accommodate bicycles and the addition of sidewalks on both sides of Washington Street from the Pleasant Street intersection to the northerly project limits. The sidewalk on the western side will terminate at the condominium complex at 269 Washington Street and the sidewalk on the eastern side will connect to the existing sidewalk just north of the Post Office at the Water Street intersection. Sidewalks will be constructed according to ADA/AAB and MassDOT standards.

Minor improvements will occur at the Water Street at Washington Street intersection. Replacing and resizing the median at the Water Street approach will better control traffic at the intersection by reducing the potential for vehicles cutting across the Water Street approach into the Post Office. The sidewalk in front of the Post Office will be rebuilt and a crosswalk will be added to the intersection to provide a connection with the proposed sidewalk south of the intersection. Also, the intersection geometry will be reshaped to prevent unsafe fast turns onto and from Water Street by reducing turning radii and extending the sidewalk by the Post Office further into the intersection.

Minor storm water drainage modifications are required to locate catch basins at the proposed curb lines and remove standing water from roadway edges. These improvements will also reduce, eliminate or treat direct surface discharge into nearby wetlands through the addition of new deep sump catch basins. Existing structures and pipes will be cleaned or replaced as needed.