State Election September 1st, Absentee Ballot Information

The next election is a state primary scheduled for September 1st, 2020.

The Clerk’s office is encouraging any voter that would like to receive their ballots by mail to submit their absentee ballot applications into the clerk’s office as soon as possible.

Please note, that any Unenrolled (commonly referred to as Independent) voters may participate in a party’s primary, but they must inform the clerk’s office what party’s ballots they would like to receive. Declaring a party to vote in a primary does not change your voter designation as an Unenrolled (Independent) voter.

Once your completed application is received, you will go on the list to receive your ballots by mail.

Once ballots are delivered to the Clerk’s office from the state, they are then mailed out to all voters that submitted an application. Ballots are expected to be in our office 4-6 weeks before the election date. We urge voters to submit their applications in a timely manner to ensure there is enough time for them to receive and return their ballots.

Please call the Clerk’s Office at 781-293-7211, or email [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the voting by mail process.