Pembroke Meetings Remote until Further Notice: How to View

At their meeting of December 8, 2021, the Town Manager and Pembroke Select Board announced that the Town of Pembroke will cease hosting in-person meetings at Town Hall in response to the increase in COVID cases and the need of the residents and staff for a safe, sanitized environment in which to come in and do business and to work. 

The Town Manager has reached out to our business partner, PACTV, and they have once again offered services to our Boards, Committees and Commissions to ensure that the work done in meetings will go on uninterrupted. Please contact the Town Manager's office to schedule your Zoom meeting.

For any resident who wishes to view the provisions allowing for remote participation of boards, please click here to view the source material. To view a meeting of a town board, committee or commission in progress (live), please click this link to be redirected. For School Committee, choose this link.

To log in to participate in any board, committee or commission while in progress, please click this link to be redirected to access instructions.

Please note: chat and Q&A functions are disabled in town government meetings as they create a secondary public record outside of the actual meeting as well as distract from the board, the applicants and the public debate occurring in the meeting. Participants (board members, applicants and their representatives) will have authorization to unmute themselves to deliberate as they will; residents who wish to speak will utilize the ‘raise hand’ function as before, and will be unmuted to offer remarks by the host as the Chair instructs.

Thank you for your assistance and patience in this matter.