Board, Committee or Commission Vacancy Appointments

Volunteering in Your Community by Participating in Local Government

The Board of Selectmen actively encourages Pembroke residents to participate in local government by volunteering to serve on a board or committee. Serving on a board or committee takes dedication and commitment and your volunteer service is valued.

The Board of Selectmen has prepared an Appointed Committee Policies and Procedures Handbook for boards and committees appointed by the Board of Selectmen to aid in decision making when serving in their role. This handbook is intended to be a general guidance document for those serving on Town boards and committees.

Click here to view the Vacancy Application for position on a board or commission. Download, print, fill out and bring in or fill out with a word processing program and email back to Town of Pembroke.

PLEASE NOTE: You should plan to attend at least one (1) meeting of the board in which you are interested. They will play a large part in your appointment by making a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen.


Vacancies by Board, Committee or Commission, as of August 28, 2018:

Board, Committee or Commission             Vacancy                                              Term Limit

Advisory Committee                                       (three vacancies)                           three year term
Commission on Disabilities                          (three vacancies)                            three year term
Capital Funding Study Committee              (one vacancy)                                  no term limit
Conservation Commission                            (one vacancy)                                  three year term
Historic District Commission                       (one vacancy)                                  three year term
Open Space Committee                                 (one vacancy)                                  no term limit
Town Government Study Commitee          (two vacancies)                               no term limit

Vacancies can cause boards to have difficulty in reaching a quorum, effecting their ability to conduct the business of the town.