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From Chief Wall and the Pembroke Police Department


Please be wary of suspicious emails that ask for your personal and financial details.  Do not respond to these emails nor should you open any files that may be attached to them. 

Today I received the following email on my department email address:

From:             Internal Revenue Service 

Sent:                Sunday January 31, 2016  4:12PM

Subject:           IRS-Alert – Unable to verify your personal details

Attachments:  Update.IRS.gov.html

Dear Taxpayer,

We are unable to verify your personal details such as your Date of birth, Social Security Number (SSN), Address.

Due to this, we could not update your personal details with us.

Look for and open update.IRS.gov.html (typically at the top or bottom; location varies by email service).


Some tell-tale signs that this email may be a scam are:

It was sent out on a Sunday afternoon. 

It asks for personal details

It’s addressed to the generic “Taxpayer”

Grammatical errors such as a capitol D in date of birth, capitol A in address and the lack of the word “and” in place of the last comma in the first sentence

Awkward structure of second sentence

Third sentence is a demand statement

It is signed only as “IRS.gov

Best regards,

Chief Richard D Wall

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