Tree and Grounds Division

Cemetery Tree and Grounds Division - Working Foreman - Scott Ripley

The Cemetery, Tree and Grounds Division operates with 5 full time year round employees

Tree Division

Trimming of trees and roadside brush with in the town layout to ensure the safety of all traveling on public roadways.

Performs inspections upon requests of trees within the town layout.  Removal of dead, damage or diseased trees will be done by the staff or out sources if needed.

Tree removal from roadway during high winds storms, blizzards and Hurricanes.  Contact DPW office during regular business hours or police department at all other time if roadway is blocked. If tree is in downed wires contact the Fire Department at 781-293-2300

National Grid has notified the town of a multiyear plan to inspect trees on private and town land that put power grid at risk of outages.

Click here to read the letter from National Grid.

Grounds Division

Mowing of town owned properties are Town Hall, Police Station, Fire Stations (2), Town Green at the Rec Center, Veteran's Island, Herring Run, Rubber Mill, Islands at Route 53 and 14, Council on Aging, Library and Historical Public Properties.