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From the Desk of Ed Thorne:

May 1, 2018
Town Administrator Ed Thorne has created a series of PACTV shows to detail the issues that Town Meeting will discuss. The most recent is Pavement Management.
Pembroke Today: Pavement Management on PACTV - see this video in it's entirety within this page by scrolling to the bottom of the page, or click the link to view.


March, 2018

February  9, 2018, the Town Administrator visited with the sixth graders at Hobomock Elementary School as part of the Town’s program to reach out to all Pembroke Schools to interact with students and teachers about the workings of their town government. Usually, the students prepare questions for the Town Administrator and their questions and concerns are noted on the chalkboard in the meeting room. Listed below are some of the topics that the Town Administrator and the students discussed:

  • Dog Parks
  • Basketball Court at Birch Street Park
  • More sidewalks in town
  • Community Center pool , basketball courts
  • Traffic controls and signs on various streets
  • Affordable housing
  • Street hockey rink
  • New rugby team
  • Improvements to fields and grandstands
  • Underground utilities, new gas lines, fios

February 17, 2018 Town Talk
In this 15th episode, Pembroke Town Administrator Ed Thorne talks to Pembroke Fire Chief J. Michael Hill about budget concerns and staffing for the Pembroke Fire Department.

January 12, 2018 Town Talk
In this 14th episode, Pembroke Town Administrator Ed Thorne sits down with PACTV Managing Director & guest host Julie Thompson to discuss the Town's budget process and the schedule of events leading to the Town Meeting.


May 25, 2017 Town Talk with Ed Thorne
PCN PACTV Community News Town Talk Pembroke on set 5-25-17 Town Talk brings Pembroke Town Administrator to the set for an update.

April 28, 2017

Here is the newest episode of Pembroke Today with timely discussion about the Town meeting Warrant articles. Click here to watch the video.

February 28, 2017

Town Administrator Ed Thorne talks with PACTV’s Julie Thompson in the new episode of “Pembroke Today” about Chapter 40B and affordable housing in Pembroke as the Town heads into the May 2017 Town Meeting. Click here to watch the video.


January 13, 2017

The Town of Pembroke has many projects that will be underway during the course of 2017. Please see below for a list of improvements that you can expect to see happening in Pembroke this year.


Hobomock Street Sidewalk Project – With the assistance of State Representative Josh Cutler and State Senator Vinnie deMacedo, H.B. 4346 enabled the Town to borrow over $700,000 over a longer period (20years) for this long anticipated project which will be less of a burden on the yearly Town budget. Coupled with an additional $100,000 in state funds secured by Senator deMacedo in 2016, the project will connect sidewalks on Learning Lane (home of Pembroke High School and Hobomock Elementary) to those on Center Street leading into Pembroke Center. This infrastructure improvement, scheduled for construction in the spring, will be the first of several sidewalk projects requested by residents.

Route 14 (Barker/Center Streets) Project – This 4 mile long project, connecting Route 53 westward to the Hanson Town Line, started in the fall of 2016 and will continue until 2018. The project consists of new stormwater systems, telephone pole replacements, sidewalks, curbing, and street widening the entire length of Route 14 in Pembroke.

Furnace Pond Dredging – In 2007, the Town commissioned a study to evaluate the current condition of Furnace Pond and determine the feasibility for removing and disposing accumulated sediment materials. The report summarized the investigation of sediment distribution, characteristics, and potential removal techniques. Several dredging alternatives for removing vegetation and sediment (the pond has an average water depth of 6.4 feet with an equal amount of sediment) were evaluated. Hydraulic dredging was chosen as it is better suited for a space constrained project such a Furnace Pond. The 2007 report concluded that approximately $21 – 22,000,000 would be necessary to dredge the pond and transport the dredged material by truck and/or pipeline to staging areas located in other parts of Town to dry the material for beneficial uses. In 2016, the Town purchased 10+ acres across Mattakeesett Street (Route 14) from the pond, for a staging area to dry the dredged material. This purchase allowed the Town to proceed with the dredging concept at a much lower price tag than was realized in the 2007 report. In 2016, the Town entered into a contract with Weston & Sampson to provide engineering and permitting for the project. With the formation of the Furnace Pond Dredging Committee in the spring of 2016, the Town, with the assistance of Weston & Sampson will begin the permitting process in 2017.

Fire & Police Department Space Needs Study – In 2016, Town Meeting appropriated $50,000 for a Fire and Police Department Space Needs Study. This project will determine the future building needs for both the Fire and Police Departments. In a related appropriation, the May 2016 Town Meeting authorized the purchase of 10+ acres of land at the intersection of Routes 14 & 53. The purpose of the land acquisition was for the future placement of the Fire Department’s Central Station. The space needs study will determine the size of the future building. In addition, the plan for a future police station calls for the department to move from its present location next to Town Hall at 80 Center Street to the site of the current Central Fire Station at 80 Center Street. The space needs study will determine the dimensions of the renovated fire station needed for the relocated Police Department.

Route 53/Pleasant Street Traffic Signal – Engineering on the intersection signal project is, for all purposes, is complete and funding for the construction of the highway widening, turn lanes, sidewalks, and traffic signals is in the hands of MassDOT. Going out to bid for construction will occur either in the spring or fall of 2017.


November 15, 2016

The Town of Pembroke has just executed an amendment to the original Power Purchase Agreement with SunEdison signed in July, 2015, to construct a 2.7 megawatt (MW) ground mounted solar array on the closed Hobomock Street landfill. The revised amendment signed on November 7, 2016, has a Construction Start Date of December 31, 2016 and a Guaranteed Commercial Operations Date of June 1, 2017.

Town owned buildings, including Pembroke schools, will use 100% of the electricity generated by the facility, accounting for 80% of all the electricity used by Town and School Departments.

The solar array will consist of 9,866 photovoltaic modules on above ground racks on the landfill utilizing ballast blocks. The project will be constructed on approximately 9 acres of the property that is part of the 19 acre closed landfill.

The Town has submitted a Post Closure Use Permit application to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for permission to construct the facility in the closed landfill. While MassDEP is reviewing the application, the Pembroke Planning Board will conduct a Public Hearing on the project, Monday, November 28, 2016, at 7 pm, at the Veteran’s Hall, Pembroke Town Hall, 100 Center Street. The public is invited to attend.


January 7, 2016

South Shore Manager's Meeting with Bridgewater State University President Fred Clark.

Left to right: Pembroke Town Administrator Ed Thorne; Melissa Ariggi, Town Manager of Plymouth; President Clark; BSU Chief of Staff Deniz Leuenberger; Patricia Vinchesi, Town Administrator of Scituate; Peter Morin, Town Administrator of Norwell.

South Shore Managers Meeting



Town Talk with Ed Thorne. If you missed an epidodes, check here.




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