Common Victualer License

Common Victualer’s License

Common Victualer licenses are issued to establishments that prepare food and serve on premises in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 140 § 2-20. There are additional permits issued by the Board of Health that are different and are required.

A Common Victualer’s license is issued on an annual basis with an expiration date of December 31st for a fee of $75.00 for new applicants, $25.00 for renewals.

Common Victualer’s licenses are for restaurants and other establishments where prepared food is served to the public on the premises. Vendors who do not serve food to the public to be consumed on the premises do not obtain a common vitualer’s license from the Board of Selectmen.

All vendors who sell food must obtain the necessary permits from the Board of Health which can be reached at (781) 293-2718.