COVID-19 UPDATES - State of Emergency in Pembroke (Wednesday)

Stay Healthy, Stay Home

On Tuesday, March 31, 2020 Governor Charles Baker extended the closure of non-essential business and government operations and the Stay at Home Advisory to May 4, 2020.
Pembroke Police Department and Pembroke Fire Department have a very important request for all residents who call in for any services:

PLEASE volunteer to first responders whether your are self-quarantining or experiencing flu like systems. This will help them prepare appropriately to assist you quickly, efficiently and safely! 

The Pembroke Health Department reports no new COVID-19 positve cases in the Town of Pembroke in the last 48 hours. The eight existing cases are following the protocols for self-quarantining and are in contact with the town's public health staff for monitoring under the protocol.

Daily Case Update

DateNew CasesRecovering CasesTotal Number of Cases
March 16, 2020202
March 26, 2020224
March 28, 202024


March 30, 2020268
April 1, 2020088

The only way to be tested for COVID-19 is through your Primary Care Physician or via Telehealth.

Call your Primary Care Physician if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms and follow their guidance. PCP you can also communicate with Telehealth by dialing 211. Contact Pembroke EMS by dialing 911 if you are experiencing respiratory issues, prolonged fever or in the event of any other medical condition related to COVID-19 or any other medical emergency.

Pembroke Emergency Management Representatives host a Pembroke EMS COVID-19 Forum on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 am. This includes important updates and is an oportunity for all residents to view and ask questions. Please plan to tune in to the live feed Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 am on Comcast channel 15 or online at Any question that you have can be emailed to

Any senior who would like to be added to the Meals On Wheels Program must contact Old Colony Elder Services to be added to the delivery list. Their direct telephone number is (508) 584-1561.


Pembroke’s first responders, particularly Pembroke Fire Department EMTs and Paramedics need your help. Seeking:

Sanitizers, cleaning materials, lysol, wipes - NEW

  1. Disposable medical gowns or Tyvek suits in sizes XL or 2XL
  2. Protective eyewear: safety glasses or goggles, or medical face shields
  3. Respiratory Masks: N95 or N100 masks
Please be advised:
At 12:00 pm Tuesday, all non-essential businesses and government operations are closed.

Town Buildings and Non-Essential Government Offices are Closed

Town facilities will be closed to the public. Any residents with questions or needs will to call or email the department head in each department. Department Heads will designate one person to check telephone messages and return phone calls during normal business hours. Department Heads with remote access will be able to check emails and answer residential inquiries.All emails and telephone messages will be returned.

The list of contacts is below:

SERVICE                                  DEPARTMENT                                           PHONE (781)               EMAIL

Selectmen’s Office                  Town Manager                                                293-3844   
Animal Pound                          Animal Control Officer                                    389-6631        
Assessments                           Assessor                                                         293-2393              
Bills and Payments                  Collector                                                         709-1417  
Birth Certificates                      Town Clerk                                                      709-1403
Burial Plots                              Cemetery Department                                     293-5649  
Civil Defense (PEMA)              Pembroke Emergency Mngmt Agency           709-1409  
Death Certificates                    Town Clerk                                                      709-1403        
Elderly Services                       Council on Aging                                             294-8220  
Health Department                  Health Agent                                                    709-1409  
Highway, Tree, Cemetery        Department of Public Works                            293-5620  
Marriage License                    Town Clerk                                                        709-1403  
Trash Questions                      Selectmen’s Office                                           293-3844  
Vendor Bills and Accounts       Accountant                                                       293-4673  
Veterans Benefits                    Veterans Agent                                                 293-4651  
Voting & Registrations             Town Clerk                                                        293-7211  
Water Billing and Issues          Water Department                                            293-5620  
Zoning Enforcement Issues     Building Inspector                                            293-3864  


Thank you for your patience during this difficult and unprecedented time. If you have any questions regarding this notice, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Town Manager’s office and you will receive an immediate call back, or email to be directed to the Town Manager or anyone else of your choosing. For urgent matters, please dial 781-293-3844 to be directed appropriately.

If your question or need concerns a Health Department issue or Emergency Management concern, please call 781-709-1409 and leave a message or email for an immediate response.

Stay well, stay home and take good care of yourselves. Thank you!

On March 23, 2020 Governor Charles Baker issued an emergency order ordering nonessential businesses and organizations to close their physical workspaces and facilities to customers, workers and the public

Also on March 23, 2020 Governor Baker has issued a Stay At Home "Limitation on Gatherings" Order, revising his Order of March 10.

On March 17, 2020 the Town of Pembroke issued a Local Declaration of Emergency Related to Health Concerns Surrounding COVID-19

On March 10, 2020 Governor Charles Baker issued a State Declaration of Emergency


What does this mean for Pembroke residents?

What is an Essential Business in Pembroke? What is Open?

Governor Baker and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have a fifteen page list available at this link. Effective at noon on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, all non-essential businesses have been ordered to close. The categories listed with a brief summary of services in Pembroke that are deemed essential and could remain open is listed below. When in doubt, call the local business for the final word on their status.

  1. Health Care Workers, Public Health Workers, Human Services Workers and all Related Support Fields
  • Physicians, medical centers, hospitals, psychologists, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, PT/OT therapists, residential centers,mortuaries, behavioral health providers, medical equipment manufacturers, suppliers and more
  1. Law Enforcement Workers, Public Safety Workers, First Responders and all Related Support Fields
  • Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, EMTs, Corrections Officers, 911 Call Centers, HAZMAT responders
  1. Food and Agricultural Workers and all Related Support Fields
  • Grocery stores, pharmacies, farmers markets, food and beverage stores including liquor stores, restaurant carry out and delivery only, food packers, meat processing, livestock/poultry facilties, pet and animal feed facilties, fisheries, crop and other agricultural inputs, Veterinary Health, animal medical, feed and bedding manufacturing
  1. Energy Workers, Electrical, Petroleum, Natural and Propane Gas Workers and all Related Support Fields
  • Electricity  maintenance, generation, transmission and distribution; petroleum storage, pipeline, transport and retail centers (gas stations, truck stop); natural/propane gas transmission, distribution, transport
  1. Water Workers and Wastewater Workers and all Related Support Fields
  • Employees needed to operate public and private drinking water & wastewater infrastructures
  1. Transportation and Logisitics Workers and all Related Support Fields
  • Mass transit and passenger bus and railway workers, rental car companies, maritime transportation workers, truck drivers, automotive repair facilities, postal workers, movers and storage workers, equipment repair, air transportation employees
  1. Public Works Workers and all Related Support Workers
  • Dam, lock and levee operations, maintenance of roads, bridges, water mains, fleet maintenance, solid waste collection and removal, plumbers, electricians, exterminators, foresters and wildlife management resources
  1. Communications and Information Technology Workers and all Related Support Fields
  • Technicians, operators, call-centers, wireline and wireless providers, cable service providers, satellite operations, radio/television/media service personnel, repair and maintenance operations, data centers, system adminsitrators, HVAC and electrical engineers, IT managers, software/hardware/database engineers and administrators
  1. Community Based Essential Functions and Government Operations
  • Local and state inspectors, election personnel, employees who support Mission Essential Functions or Continuity of Operations Plans, legal and accounting services, payroll and employee benefits services, commercial retail stores including convenience stores, pet supply stores, auto supplies and repair, hardware and home improvement and home appliance retailers, laundry, banking and lending services, including ATMs
  1. Critical Manufacturing Workers and all Related Support Fields

Important Resources for Pembroke Residents

 Mass Department of Public Health (DPH) COVID-19 daily updates

 Center for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 daily updates

Telephone Number: dial  211

 Important State Updates, Orders and Guidance

 Access Emergency Child Care Services

 Waiver of One Week Waiting Period for Unemployment Benefits (S.2599)

Pembroke Board of Health-Covid-19 Announcement

Posted on: March 17, 2020 - 1:49pm

Pembroke Health Department has been alerted overnight (March 16) that two residents of the town have tested positive for COVID-19. The first case is that of a resident that encountered another individual that was infected with the virus.

The second case was a resident did not knowingly encounter an individual that was infected but is a health care worker.  Neither resident had traveled recently.

Based on what we currently know, both individuals and their households are doing well and took every responsible precaution to self-isolate and mitigate exposure.

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations:

All business open to the public of 5,000 square foot or less must maintain 10 or fewer persons within the establishment while maintaining social distancing (6 feet or more).  All surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized regularly.  Larger “box” stores may have more persons but are still encouraged to maintain distancing.

We thank Stop & Shop for offering senior (60 years or older) only hours 6am-7:30am and urge seniors to take advantage of this.