Public Service Announcement: Door-to-Door Solicitors

Please be advised: The Selectmen's Office has received numerous complaints regarding an unlicensed solicitor going door to door in Pembroke. Specifically, an individual without a permit is approaching homeowners identifying himself as representing "Insight Pest Control". The identification he is wearing is not issued by the Pembroke Police Chief. Only individuals wearing a Pembroke Police Department issued ID are permitted to solicit in Pembroke. For a complete list of active permits, please click this link.

The Town of Pembroke has a comprehensive Door to Door Solicitation By-law (Town Bylaws Article XX, Police Reguilations, Section 9)

All door-to-door solicitors and canvassers are required, by by-law, to obtain a permit from the town. It is a dual permitting process with the initial approval by the Board of Selectmen, with final approval and permit card issuance by the Pembroke Chief of Police.

To report an unpermitted solicitor at your home, please contact the non-emergency telephone number for the Police Department (781-293-6363) to report the address of the occurrance and any identifying information on the individual at your door.

Under Section J(a) of this bylaw:  J. Penalties.

(a) Any person or organization who shall violate any of the provisions of this Bylaw or shall violate any applicable provisions of state or federal laws governing soliciting or canvassing, including, but not limited to, MGL c. 68, shall be subject to a fine of $300 for each offense.  Each day that a person solicits or canvasses without a license shall constitute a separate offense.

Please remember, you have a right to opt out of door-to-door solicitation by signing up on the "No Solicitation List" by completing this form and sending it in to the Selectmen's office by mail or by email.

Any person, firm or corporation who is the owner or lawful tenant or occupant of any private residence within the Town of Pembroke may prohibit the practice of going in or upon the private residence of such owner or occupant, by uninvited solicitors or canvassers, as defined in Article XX, Section 9.0, sub-section I, in two different ways:

1. By placing a sign upon its property which reads "No Solicitation" in a location which is reasonably visible to persons who intend to enter upon such residential property.

2. By filing a "No Solicitation Permit Form" at the office of the Board of Selectmen, on a form furnished by the Town Administrator for such purpose.