Comcast Cable Negotiating Committee

The Board of Selectmen voted at their Monday, June 13, 2016 meeting to establish the Comcast Cable Negotiating Committee.

This committee is a five (5) member committee comprised of the folllowing five members:

Nancy Richards, Lead Negotiator from PACTV for Pembroke
John Duggan, Pembroke Citizen's Representative
Willard J. Boulter, Jr., Selectmen's Representative
Edwin J. Thorne, Town Administrator
William Hewitt, Consulting Town Counsel Representative


Their primary role will be to begin and conduct a formal review and ascertainment of Pembroke’s cable related needs, and the services received under the current cable contract that is due to expire on December 14, 2018.The committee will ascertain the needs of the community through many different processes; they will conduct public hearings, surveys, meetings with relevant department heads and PACTV service representatives; perform current data review of the files regarding performance and other feedback from the community, thoroughly reviewing and analyzing the performance of the cable operator received by the town’s residents to date. They will apply the results of the ascertainment phase to the review of the cable operator’s proposal and report their findings and recommendations to the Board of Selectmen.

The ultimate goal of the Comcast Cable Negotiating Committee is to take their comprehensive review and in depth analysis of the community’s cable-related needs and to ultimately negotiate a new cable television license agreement.