Covid-19 Changes to Building Inspections

From the Building Inspector:

I have modified our inspectional services to best meet the needs of our customers and protect the health of our inspectors and citizens.

1. We will continue to process permits to the best of our abilities through the mail & email

2. We will perform all outdoor inspections as we would normally

3. We will perform all commercial inspections as we would normal/y (new construction)

4. We will inspect all new residential dwellings and additions as we would normally not including remodels

5. We are not going into private occupied residences unless there is an emergency

6. I am accepting video and or pictures of small projects to show compliance and allow the project to keep moving.

7.  I am accepting engineers field reports on commercial controlled construction projects

8. We will try and handle all scheduled face to face meeting over the phone instead or reschedule if necessary


Joe Stack

Building/ Zoning Official