Capital Funding Study Committee

Capital Funding Study Committee

As a supplemental function to the Capital Improvement Plans of the various departments of the Town of Pembroke, the Capital Funding Study Committee was created by the Pembroke Board of Selectmen on November 6, 2017 in an effort to research and define opportunities and formulate strategies for obtaining alternative funding sources with the goal of reducing the tax burden to the residents of Pembroke for much needed improvements.

This Committee will meet to address all Federal, State, and County grants, low interest rate programs, fiscal incentives, tax credits or abatements, qualified infrastructure bonds, private financing, or revenue generation opportunities that may help fund and finance the project based on the capital items proposed uses.

This Committee will meet with all priority stakeholders in the project to deliver the results of their efforts. Members will assist the town departments or tasked committees in their efforts to secure the identified alternate funding and report on the status of these endeavors to the town through its Board of Selectmen.

This is a nine member committee composed of representatives from the following groups:

Advisory Committee - representative Stephen Walsh
Board of Selectmen - representative Daniel Trabucco
Community Center Task Force - representative Andrew Sullivan
Department of Public Works - representative Ben Bastianelli
Fire Department - representative Chief Michael Hill
Planning Board - representative Andrew Wandell
Police Department - representative Chief Richard Wall
School Committee - representative David Boyle
One Member of the General Public - pending