Town of Pembroke Massachusetts
Town Hall
Herring Run in Summer Little Sandy Bottom Pond
100 Center Street, Pembroke, MA 02359 Housing Authority


John P. McKeown
Executive Director

Kilcommons Drive
Pembroke, MA 02359

Board Members

Gregory Hanley, interim appointee, expires 2016
Henry Daggett, term expires 2017
William Harmon, interim appointee, expires 2018
Carolyn Crossley, term expires 2019
James Muscato, State appointee


Mission Statement
To leverage the power of affordable, decent, safe, and stable housing to help communities thrive: and for the lower-income in our society to increase their potential for longer-term economic success and a sustained higher quality of life.

Vision Statement
The Pembroke Housing Authority empowers an innovative, diverse, dynamic, and productive team that works in a healthy, collaborative, and respectful manner towards a shared vision of excellence and commitment to those we house and care for.
The Pembroke Housing Authority has opened its waiting list for 3 and 4 bedroom units in its Chapter 705 State Aided Family Housing Program. It has also opened its waiting list for 3 bedroom units in its Federally Aided Housing Program. If you choose to apply for both the State Aided Family Program and the Federally Aided Family Housing Program, you must fill out a separate application for each. Applications are available at the Pembroke Housing Authority office, Kilcommons Drive, Pembroke. You may also call 781-293-3088 and request that an application be mailed to you. For the State Aided Family Housing Program only, you may download the universal application at the Department of Housing and Community Development's website


The Mission of the Pembroke Affordable Housing Committee is to: Promote the
creation and preservation of housing and housing programs in Pembroke that:
Ensure that people with incomes below the area median can access an affordable place to live and:  To create enough affordable housing so that the Town of Pembroke meets, at a minimum, the state’s statutory requirement that 10 percent of a town’s total housing units are affordable to those whose incomes are at or below 80 percent of the area median income.  The Pembroke Affordable Housing Committee seeks to promote an economically vibrant and socially diverse community that maintains and preserves the character and historic nature that is, Pembroke.  The Committee seeks five volunteers to join the board. This is a seven member board.  Please contact the Board of Selectmen's office at 781-293-3844 if you are interested in applying.